Resellers had hand in pushing IronKey’s Windows To Go towards VDI

IK W500-1Sometimes resellers know best, as Imation’s Sven Radavics now knows.

It was resellers who changed the way Imation looked at its IronKey Windows To Go devices as complementary rather than competitive to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

“When we started down this path and committed to the Windows To Go market and Microsoft technology, we spent a lot of time looking at the market, analysing the best place for Windows To Go, use cases, benefits, and what competition would be,” Radavics, Imation’s Asia-Pacific (APAC) mobile security general manager, said.

“Right at the beginning, all of our conversations were around VDI being a competitive technology, and that is how we went out to market.”

However, resellers of the technology questioned why VDI would be seen as a competitor rather than complimentary technology.

Radavics said Imation adjusted its strategy under the principle that VDI must be housed and connected.

“VDI needs to be on a device, and it can be a Windows To Go device as much as it can be a laptop. When you look at it like that, you can have your VDI client, but because Windows To Go is a full Windows 8 installation, you can still house legacy applications and traditional IT tools on a device to complement VDI.”

“Also, the one challenge for VDI is when users are in places where they cannot connect to the Internet. The IronKey workstation allows them to access tools regardless.”

Radavics said the demand for Windows To Go remains spotty, but he expects it to pick up as Windows 8 continues to be adopted by organizations.

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