“Unhackable” Eyedisk Flash Drives have been hacked

Whenever something is called unhackable, people will often take on the challenge of hacking it. Sometimes, they succeed. One of the most recent cases of this happening is the hacking of a secure flash drive.

They EyeDisk is a successfully crowdfunded flash drive which is secured with an iris scanner. As well as offering powerful biometric security, it also features AES encryption. The creators of the devices boasted that it was “unhackable” (see the quote below).

“With eyeDisk you never need to worry about losing your USB or the vulnerability of your data stored in it. eyeDisk features AES 256-bit encryption for your iris pattern. We develop our own iris recognition algorithm so that no one can hack your USB drive even [if] they have your iris pattern. Your personal iris data used for identification will never be retrieved or duplicated even if your USB is lost.”

How was the eyeDisk hacked?

Although the eyeDisk flash drive features impressive AES encryption and an innovative iris scanner option, a tester found a way to override these features and unlock the device.

During testing, David Lodge found that the when plugged into a device, the drive unlocks by sending the entered password in plain text. This plain text can then be intercepted, allowing for an interceptor to acquire the password. Even if the password is entered incorrectly, the same packet will still be sent between the USB and the app. This packet contains the correct password, which can be read in plain text.

We hope to see the eyeDisk fix this problem as their product allows for futuristic innovation in the world of secure storage.

What are the best secure USB alternatives?

Image result for ironkey d300

When purchasing a secure USB, it is important that you choose something that can not be compromised. Ironkey USB drives are a great option because they provide military-grade protection at a reasonable price.

Starting at less than a third of the price, the Ironkey D300 offers the best encryption available for $100 AUD ($69 USD). This makes it the ideal option for customers who are looking for great value and protection.