With Data Security Becoming More Important Than Ever, More People Are Turning to Encrypted Storage

Over the past few years, the way we perceive digital security has changed a lot. With society’s ever-increasing wariness of how operating systems, social media and applications are using our data, many people are choosing to encrypt their data as a means of restricting access.


Leaking of sensitive data is affecting big companies (and their customers).

In 2019, companies need to be aware of data leaks, security bugs and potential exploits when looking after their sensitive information. This follows the Marriott data leak in 2018 where over 500 million unencrypted passwords were stolen. Alongside this information, passport numbers and addresses were also stolen. As a result, the company now faces a class-action lawsuit and their shares have dropped.

The cyber security industry is seeing growth like no other industry. This is happening because businesses are realising that security is something they simply cannot afford to neglect anymore. According to a study by the National Cyber Security Alliances, around 60% of small businesses shut down within six months of a data breach.

According to the Secure Flash Drive-Global Market Status & Trend Report,  sales of secure flash drives have risen over the past few years. The sales of these devices fall into four main categories: military, office, home and other. Ironkey flash drives have grown in popularity, with many of these companies, firms and individual customers choosing them as their preferred encryption method.

Data breaches have also occurred due to physical theft. Ane example of this is last year in Virginia, where the personal data of 43,000 patients was put at risk after the theft of a laptop. By keeping sensitive information in an encrypted drive, companies are safegaurding themselves against this kind of security beach.



What is the best Ironkey flash drive for business use?

You may feel that it is time to start encrypting your company’s sensitive data. If so, we don’t blame you! There’s no better time than now to start protecting your important information.

The Ironkey S1000 is our encrypted flash drive of choice for business operations, regardless of their size. Kingston’s IronKey™ S1000 meets the strictest standards to make it the ultimate security drive. Its powerful 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption protects 100% of your data at all times.

The s1000’s rugged, military grade casing protects it immune to the perils of everyday use. It is waterproof, dust resistant and shock resistant.

Additionally, this enterprise model of this flash drive comes with access to Ironkey’s powerful online service. This service allows you to remotely change passwords, clear the drive or repurpose a flash drive which is no longer in use.


What is the best Ironkey flash drive for personal use?

The Ironkey D300 is a cheaper alternative to the S1000 with almost the same features. It is great for personal use. At a cheaper price, it doesn’t compromise very much in features. In fact, it has the same military-grade encryption. Its fast performance makes it ideal for transferring files regularly.