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Now Available: The IronKey Workspace W200

admin Sep 14, 2015

Just last week, IronKey unveiled the Workspace W200, which is the brand’s most affordable Windows to Go USB drive yet. It’s a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Windows To Go device that’s highly secure, easy to use, and features a lightweight but robust design. The W200 is top-notch performance-wise, as it boasts of maximum read speeds of 310MB/second and a maximum write speeds of 159MB/second.   Other notable features: Certified by Microso /...

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Here Are the Top-Level Domains Everyone Should Avoid

admin Sep 7, 2015

In an ideal digital world, people would be able to easily avoid spam and malware sites because they’ll be grouped together under a common top-level domain. But according to a new report from Blue Coat, such domain groupings do exist. Yes, they aren’t tagged as “.spam” or something blatantly obvious, but there are indeed top-level domains in which roughly 95% of sites are potentially harmful. The worst offenders among the dubious top-le /...

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Theory: The Ashley Madison Hacker is Australian

admin Aug 31, 2015

By now, you’ve probably read about the hacking of, the site that’s been helping married people cheat on their spouses. This led to the data leak of more than 30 million Ashley Madison users. The site has put up a bounty ($500,000 Canadian) for any information that would lead to the arrest and prosecution of the Impact Team, the name used by the hackers. As of this writing, no one still has any solid leads as to the identity /...

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It Usually Takes 205 Days Before a Company Detects a Security Breach

admin Aug 24, 2015

According to a recent report, it takes approximately seven months before a company recognizes that it’s been or being hacked. And that’s seven months too long. As reported before, the volume of security threats that organizations deal with regularly are enormous, and that number is more likely to increase than decrease in the future. Examples of major companies that have been hacked in recent times are Sony’s movie studio and Apple. The /...

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Airport Security Networks Can Be Compromised With a Common Laptop

admin Aug 17, 2015

This is the alarming discovery of renowned security expert Billy Rios. He discovered that hackers could have the capability to shut down an airport’s security network just by using a laptop. And this is particularly dangerous, as criminals or terrorists may manipulate the system to conceal weapons from x-ray scanners or the like. What’s ironic about this is the fact that the improved security system in airports is supposed to boost safety, an /...

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The Australian: The Number of Online Security Attacks Have Tripled in the Last 3 Years

admin Aug 10, 2015

The threat of security breaches has risen to alarming levels and is expected to cost more than $1 billion, according to a report by The Australian. Moreover, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) cautioned that such attacks have been unrelenting (which confirms the suspicions of a lot of IT managers today), noting that a 20% increase in the number of cyber threats. The industries said to be most at risk are banking, communications, and ener /...

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Report: Nearly 50% of IT Managers Believe that They Are Targets of Weekly Security Attacks

admin Aug 3, 2015

About half of Australian IT managers believe their respective organisations are targeted by security attacks every week. More distressingly, one in eight of them  think that they had been attacked in the past minute—which supports the idea that attacks are non-stop. These are the findings of a survey conducted by Centrify, an identity management firm, at the recent AusCERT conference. More than 100 attendees were asked to participate in the st /...

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Check Point Takes a Look at the Malware Called Matsnu

admin Jul 23, 2015

Stanislav Skuratovich, a researcher at Check Point, recently set his sights on a malware called Matsnu, which is an x86 infector that serves as a backdoor after infiltrating a computer system. This malware is able to upload and execute any code—which could potentially encrypt files on disc or uncover sensitive data—on the infected system. The creator of Matsnu uses domain generation algorithm (DGA) to communicate with a C&C server. Thi /...

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