Month: October 2011

Online shopping, banking at risk from increased hacking

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the technology behind making online banking and shopping secure, but it is coming under increasing threat by hackers & criminals, which could cause problems for the $680 billion dollar a year global e-commerce market. However, Dave Jevans of IronKey, has said, “What is good is that the security community is […]

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IronKey and Imation – What the merger means for you

Dave Jevans, Chairman and Founder of IronKey, has updated his blog with a post on what the recently announced IronKey & Imation merger means for IronKey users. You can read Dave’s thoughts over at his official IronKey blog, found here.

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How & why you should destroy your old unsecure flash drives

Emmett Dulaney of has posted an article on how to properly dispose of old flash drives, citing the value of the information that can be stored on a drive as a primary reason to properly destroy your old flash drives. You may think deleting the files on the drive via your computer completely erases […]

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