Month: August 2011

New figures show the extent of online scams

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Queensland Police fraud and corporate crime group revealed figures outlining the extent of online scams. “We have 10,000 Australians sending $10 million every month to Nigeria and Ghana and 70 per cent of those are romance fraud.” “The average loss, on our last exercise, was $28,000 per person.” The […]

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Greenburg recommends IronKey Personal when travelling

Peter Greenburg has posted some tips for ensuring the security of your digital data whilst on your travels. Greenburg said, “Keep any sensitive data stored on an encrypted flashdrive instead of on your computer. There’s one, called The IronKey Personal that can protect your passwords and files with military-grade hardware encryption.” You can read the […]

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Cost of Cybercrime Soaring

HP research has revealed the cost of cyber crime has increased, with the potential for significant large on going costs if the issue is not resolved quickly. Tom Reilly, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Security, HP said “Instances of cybercrime have continued to increase in both frequency and sophistication, with the potential impact […]

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