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IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go – Review

The Ironkey Workspace for Windows To Go is a gloabl flash drive powered by the IronKey Corp it is becoming more and more popular over time. It is fully certified and deployed with a Windows To Go operating system which means you will recieve and be able to boot a comprehensive version of  the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. […]

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Did you know that you can carry your operating system and all your enterprise data with you on the go?

As the world is getting more mobile, it is more likely that you would want to be able to keep your enterprise data handy, while being able to access the same Operating System environment that you have on your local desktop or laptop computer that you use at home. With our IronKey Workspace for Windows […]

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IronKey Personal S200 Review

Plazor.com has posted a review of the IronKey Personal S200. The review notes: “The Ironkey Personal S200 is touted as ‘The World’s Most Secure Flash Drive’ and with good reason. Sporting a rugged metal exterior shell and a epoxy filled interior, Ironkeys are protected against physical damage and attempts to physically break into the device […]

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