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Apricorn introduces new external hard drive

Accounting Today’s Mark Cohn has given the new Apricorn Padlock DT external hard drive a thumbs up in his review of the device. “All in all, the drive provides good protection for files and helps keep them secure,” Cohn said in his review. Part of Apricorn’s Aegis line, the Padlock DT  is designed for desktop use […]

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Apricorn introduces the Aegis Padlock DT FIPS external hard drive

Apricorn has just released the Aegis Padlock DT FIPS external hard drive. It ranges in price from US $259 – $869 depending on capacity (two to six terabytes) and works on any computer system. The unit requires users to enter a seven-to-16-digit personal identification number (PIN) before being able to use the drive. Setting up […]

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CSO website reviews IronKey Workspace W500

The CSO Australia website says the IronKey Workspace W500 is perfect for people on the go who have to take their own workspace environment with them. “For organisations where security and reliability are of paramount importance, the Workspace W500 looks like a robust solution that could alleviate some of the headaches associated with BYOD,” says […]

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