Month: March 2012

Small Businesses Face Higher Data Breach Risk

The most common reason for security breaches is employees’ losing or misplacing devices with confidential data on them, such as USB sticks and laptops. This was revealed in a study by the Ponemon Institute. It was also revealed that Small Business employees were “reported to be more likely to engage in “risky” behavior: 58 percent […]

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Protecting Customer and Company Data with LOK-IT

Robert Mann, the IT manager at Westminster Canterbury Richmond has revealed why he decided to use LOK-IT secure flash drives to protect sensitive company & customer data. “Beyond the financial strain and damage to WCR’s reputation a data breach could pose, it’s our duty to protect our customers’ data. LOK-IT helps us fulfill that duty.” […]

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USB sticks – An employees dream – IT’s worst nightmare

It’s an old article, but one worth revisiting. IronKey‘s John Jefferis runs through the benefits of using USB sticks, while also outlining the security issues that come with using USB sticks in the workplace. You can read more over at For a secure USB solution, check out our range of IronKey & LOK-IT products.

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