Kingston Makes Improvements to Ironkey D300 Flash Drives

Kingston Digital Inc, the owner of the Ironkey range, have added several new features and improvements to their D300 encrypted flash drives. The aim of these updates is to make device management easier as well as improve security. The new D300S features anti-keylogging features and easier tracking via a unique serial number.

The award-winning Ironkey range of flash drives use powerful, military-grade encryption to keep files and sensitive information safe. The devices are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified and use 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption in XTS mode. Kingston is now shipping a serialised version of their D300 flash drive, with all the features above, as well as improved accessibility and security.


What’s new?

Serial numbers:

The new Ironkey D300 models will feature a printed serial number and barcode. This will make it easier for companies to manage and keep track of various drives. When a drive is returned, it can be scanned and added to inventory, allowing for more accurate tracking and management of flash drives.


Anti-keylogging features:

A keylogger is a program that tracks keyboard inputs on devices and sends this information to a predetermined source, resulting in potential security breaches occurring. The Ironkey D300S improves upon the security of its predecessor by reducing the chances of keylogging occurring.

The D300S features a virtual keyboard option, which allows users to enter a PIN or password using clicks of their mouse rather than keyboard inputs.


Richard Kanadjian, encrypted USB business manager, states:

“The data protection provided by IronKey D300 is already top notch, and we’ve listened to requests from our customers. These two enhancements in the D300 series add to its industry-leading data-protection capabilities. With Kingston’s 30-plus years of expertise in quality technology solutions behind it, along with the latest NAND Flash memory and controller technology, users of any D300 drive can rest assured that their confidential data and information are well protected from the risks and threats associated with loss, theft, or stolen digital devices.”

Ironkey is a division of Kingston that has been providing secure and encrypted storage to military organisations and businesses. To shop IronKey encrypted flash drives, click here.