Month: January 2012

Why Self-Encrypting Drives Are the Future of Storage

If you follow this blog you’ll know we often post about data leaks from all sorts of companies. Due to the prevalence of these leaks it’s no surprise IT companies are looking into new and improved security solutions. One of the most effective tools to protect data is the use of self-encrypting drives, or SEDs. […]

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Virtual sweatshops defeat anti-spam tests

CAPTCHA can now be solved for you, at a price. “Virtual sweatshops” are being set up to solve these puzzles. Using low cost labour in China, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam, the service is heavily used by spammers to help assist them spread spam to websites who think they’re protected. You can read more at

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Lock Out Intruders with New Flash Drives from Lok-It and Apricorn

Michael L Berman of has shared his thoughts on the Apricorn & LOK-IT product ranges. “That little USB flash drive you carry around in your pocket or briefcase probably contains everything from personal documents to phone numbers. But what happens if you lose it or it gets stolen? It may even be password protected, […]

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