Ironkey Encrypted USBs Win Award for Best Security Hardware Innovation

Recently, Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP was selected as the winner of a digital innovation award at the CIS 50 conference in Dubai. This award was given to Kingston due to the innovation shown in the development of their encrypted flash drives, known as the Ironkey range. Ironkey was bought by Kingston in 2016. Since then, several new products have been released that have risen the bar in digital security. With the ever-increasing need for protection of sensitive data, Kingston has been able to successfully establish Ironkey as a key player in the encrypted storage market. Held in Dubai, the CISO 50 Awards recognized winners from many organizations for their innovations in security. The event allowed Kingston to further showcase its contributions in the technology and security sector through products and hardware solutions such as the Ironkey range.

About Ironkey products:

Ironkey products offer military-grade encryption, allowing users to keep their sensitive information safe. The drives use 256-bit AES encryption to secure data as well as a stainless steel case with no seams so that it cannot be pried open. Additionally, Ironkey products are protected by secure passwords. When the password is guessed incorrectly too many times, the drive is reformatted. This keeps data safe in the event that the drive falls into the wrong hands. All of Ironkey’s storage devices are validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to meet the highest standards. All enterprise Ironkey models can be controlled remotely. The IronKey Enterprise Management Service is a cloud-based service that allows hundreds of Ironkey storage devices to be managed or formatted from anywhere in the world. Ironkey’s powerful security solutions have helped many organisations worldwide to keep their sensitive data safe from security breaches. The great reputation of these products has resulted in increased use in military sectors, as well as increased personal use.

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