Report: Nearly 50% of IT Managers Believe that They Are Targets of Weekly Security Attacks

About half of Australian IT managers believe their respective organisations are targeted by security attacks every week. More distressingly, one in eight of them  think that they had been attacked in the past minute—which supports the idea that attacks are non-stop. These are the findings of a survey conducted by Centrify, an identity management firm, at the recent AusCERT conference. More than 100 attendees were asked to participate in the study, and 56% of those also stated that their biggest concern in the coming year is security. 83% of those surveyed said that they were more concerned about security this year compared to a year ago.

Senior director of APAC sales with Centrify, Niall King, wasn’t surprised that security has become the top priority of both business and IT executives since high-profile hackings such as the major breach of Target a few years ago has finally brought warranted attention to the issue. “IT managers all over the world want to make data and applications more open and usable, but they are also concerned about security. These challenges seem to be consistent across geographies—but we only hear about them when there is someone famous involved,” said King.

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