Here Are the Top-Level Domains Everyone Should Avoid

In an ideal digital world, people would be able to easily avoid spam and malware sites because they’ll be grouped together under a common top-level domain. But according to a new report from Blue Coat, such domain groupings do exist. Yes, they aren’t tagged as “.spam” or something blatantly obvious, but there are indeed top-level domains in which roughly 95% of sites are potentially harmful.

The worst offenders among the dubious top-level domains include “.zip”, “.review”, “.country”, “.kim”, “.cricket”, and “.science” since approximately 99% of those sites are rated as “shady” by the report that’s based on Blue Coat’s study of tens of millions of websites visited by its 75 million users. The security and networking solutions company recommends everyone to block all sorts of traffic related to these sites.

The original article also talks about cyber-squatting, which you can read here.