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Is your website not working correctly? Has your website been hacked, blacklisted or affected by malicious code? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

With GetProtection’s powerful and fast website cleaning service, our web security experts can get your website up and running again, removing all traces of malware and bad code. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing, powerful service.

For just $300 AUD + GST, you can employ our team of skilled and experienced website security specialists. Our team will quickly locate the source of your problems and get your website up and running in no time!


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Symptoms of a Hacked Website:

  • Your website isn’t loading or is very slow to load.
  • Your website is sending out emails on its own.
  • Unusual and unexpected redirects are occurring.
  • Unusual files have appeared in your website’s directory.


Why use our Website Cleaning Service?

Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your website’s code or through the web server you are hosting with. From there, they can inject malicious code which can put your users at risk.

When you use our website cleaning service, we can track these issues to where they start and remove all traces of malicious code. Our web security experts have years of experience in fixing hacked websites. This means that we know exactly what to look for and how to safely remove this code from your website.


Hacking and malicious code can affect your website’s Google ranking

When malicious content is found on your website, Google may remove it from search engine results in an attempt to protect its users. Fixing the problem quickly will reduce the negative impact on your SEO.

A hacked website can put your users at risk

Hackers have been known to monitor websites and acquire sensitive data about your users. This can put them at risk, especially if your website accepts credit card payments.

A hacked website will lose lots of traffic

Most users are smart enough to identify phishing scams, strange redirects and other forms of website hijacking. When they notice, they will most likely leave yor site (andvisitr a competitor’s website instead). The result of this is a huge drop in web traffic, leads and conversions.


How it works:

Upon requesting a website clean and providing your access details, one of our security experts will examine your website and trace the source of the problem. We will then remove all traces of malicious code, allowing your website to function normally.

Generally, a cleanup service may involve:

  • Scanning your website’s files for irregularities.
  • Removing any suspicious redirects.
  • Restoring your website to an old backup.
  • Removing any unauthorised users, plugins and code from your content management system.

After your website is restored, we can give you expert advice on how to avoid issues in the future. We are also happy to switch you to our secure hosting, which is regularly monitored for malware and other potential issues.



Get your website fixed today!

Fixing your website quickly will minimise damages to SEO, reduce downtime and keep your customers interested. Our specialists can work within your deadline, restoring your website in hours rather than weeks. For hacked website repairs and clean-ups, send us a message today!


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