Windows To Go Licensing in a Nutshell

Windows To Go Rights

Any device covered by either Software Assurance (SA) for Windows or a Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) subscription is licensed to run Windows To Go.*

The primary user of any device licensed at work with SA for Windows or Windows VDA, may run Windows To Go while at home or on the road from a non-corporate PC (personally-owned computer or hotel business center, for example) under Roaming Use Rights.*

Any device covered under the Windows CSL (see below) is licensed to run Windows To Go. ***

From a Use Case Perspective:

  • Contractors: SA*/VDA Licence
  • Travelling Light/Working from home: SA*/VDA Roaming Use Rights
  • Shared PCs: SA*VDA Licence
  • Bringing Your Own Device to Work:

– SA*/VDA Licence for primary device
– Companion Device Add-on*** for secondary device


* Your organization must own or purchase Microsoft Software Assurance (SA), or Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) licences sufficient to cover one device associated with every individual who will use Windows To Go.
** The SA agreement allows you to create up to 2 WTG drives and use them on any device.
*** In the rare instance that your employer-issued computing device is the one covered by the SA, and you bring your personal device into the office and want to run WTG on it there instead, your organization must also own or purchase a Microsoft Windows Companion Subscription License (CSL) add-on for you (this combo will allow you to use WTG on up to 4 personally-owned devices at the office).