Compare IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go to the competition

How does IronKey Workspace stack up against the competition?

IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go USB sticks have several advantages to them over other USB devices that are certified to run Windows To Go.  IronKey Workplace USB sticks are the only ones that are ruggedized, meaning they are either made with epoxy filled plastic or epoxy filled metal. IronKey doesn’t just keep your information safe from cyber threats, it keeps it safe from physical threats. After all, your USB stick with Windows To Go isn’t going to be much use if it accidentally gets crushed. Another advantage IronKey has over the other guys is that our  Workplace USB sticks for Windows To Go are all waterproof. Whether you get the W300, the W500 or the W700, they can all take a dunking. If you get caught in the rain or you have a business trip to Thailand during the Song Krahn festival, your IronKey Workplace for Windows To Go will be safe, even if it gets wet. IronKey Workplace sticks are also sleek and slim, meaning they leave plenty of room for other devices to plug into USB slots and they won’t take up too much space on your keychain. While the W300 measures in at 81 x 21 x 9 mm, the W500 and W700 both measure in at 82 x 21 x 9 mm. The competitors are all bigger and clunkier. And, perhaps most importantly, the IronKey family of Workspace for Windows To Go USB sticks have higher read and write speeds than the competition. All three sticks have a 400MB/second max. read speed and a 316MB/second max. write speed. The closest competitors have max. read speeds of 270MB/second and max. write speeds of 250MB/second. When it comes to head-to-head comparisons, it’s clear the IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go USB sticks come out on top.