Windows To Go for Ironkey

You may have heard about Windows To Go. Here’s some of the key things you should know about using it with Ironkey

What is Windows To Go?

Put simply, Windows To Go lets you run Windows from a USB memory stick.

Who is it for?

Windows To Go for Ironkey is a valuable tool for a broad range of industries and situations.

  • Contractors

Working for various clients, you can not only bring your own “computer on a stick” on site, but can have multiple devices – one for each client. You can operate within the working environments of multiple clients with several lightweight USB sticks.

  • Business travellers

Windows To Go allows you minimize the risk of theft and the transport of cumbersome laptops across cities and borders. Now when travelling, whether to your home office or an office across the globe, you can travel light. Windows To Go for Ironkey operates independently of the host machine, so you can work from virtually any computer, including Macs.

  • Business continuity

For mission critical assignments, technology failure can cause substantial downtime, especially when working off site and overseas. Working within the Ironkey Windows To Go environment, if your laptop fails or is stolen, you can simply purchase another device where you are and continue working as you were.

  • BYOD

With the increase in popularity of Bring Your Own Device to the workplace, Ironkey Windows To Go allows your employees and contractors to operate within your controlled environment, independently from and without impacting on their own computers. Whether your team is operating with Windows or Mac, they can load up the Ironkey Workspace via USB and it operates just like any other workplace computer.

  • Shared computers

Even if you need to borrow a computer that belongs to someone else, plugging in an IronKey Windows To Go USB stick will make that computer run as if it is your exact computer, complete with all your files. It also sets up barriers so that no malware that could potentially be on that computer can infect the USB stick. And the IronKey USB stick leaves no traces that it was ever used in that computer, meaning all your files are completely protected. However, you will still be able to use any resources and applications that are installed on the computer.

Why would I use Windows to Go with Ironkey instead of using Windows To Go on a generic USB stick?

IronKey and Microsoft have an agreement for IronKey products to run Windows To Go, and Ironkey Windows To Go devices are designed specifically to run Windows. Plus, IronKey Windows To Go devices are certified by Microsoft. You can read more about this here.

Microsoft doesn’t provide customer support for devices that are not Certified by them, so you are taking an unnecessary risk by using Windows To Go on a generic device. You also do not get the protection that an IronKey product is renowned for like tough, tamper-resistant enclosures; durable, premium quality components and the peace of mind of knowing that they’ve been subjected to thousands of hours of rigorous performance tests.

For people on the go, Windows To Go is a simple solution, but coupled with IronKey, it becomes the simplest, safest solution for business people who need to be as mobile as possible.