New survey finds mobile employees happier, more productive

A story on Silicon Republic reports that a survey by GFI found “mobility makes most employees happier.” The good news for employers is that happier employees mean more productive employees.

One reliable way to enable remote working is with Windows To Go devices, as pointed out by Petri IT Knowledgebase blogger Aidan Finn.

Windows To Go is a feature that’s been around since Windows 8 in the Enterprise edition. You can install Windows 8(.1) Enterprise onto a special USB device like an IronKey Workspace for Windows To Go, for example, and pop it into a USB port in your personal PC and boot up into a company deployment of the operating system.

The IronKey W500 hides the disk that is in the PC/laptop and isolates the work environment from the employees’ environment, which secures it against any potential malware threats. The Windows To Go system is easy to distribute because it’s on a USB stick, it can contain the corporate software, can be domain joined, can use Direct Access (to extend the corporate network to a remote user’s computer), can use VPN (to punch a remote user’s PC into the corporate network), or use Remote Desktop (to access servers in the company).

IronKey sells an entire line of secure external drives that are enabled to run Windows To Go.

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