Lock Out Intruders with New Flash Drives from Lok-It and Apricorn

Michael L Berman of scrippnews.com has shared his thoughts on the Apricorn & LOK-IT product ranges.

“That little USB flash drive you carry around in your pocket or briefcase probably contains everything from personal documents to phone numbers. But what happens if you lose it or it gets stolen?

It may even be password protected, but a talented thief would probably have little problem discovering your password and, thus, retrieve your data. All he needs is a computer with a USB port.

Woe is we!!!!

If only some forward-looking company would develop more secure protection for these drives.

Enter, stage left, (…) Lok-It and Apricorn.”

You can read more over at scrippnews.com

You can check out our range of Apricorn products by clicking here.

Our LOK-IT range is found here.


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