Hard-pressed staff will often ignore security data procedures

Reports last month about the theft of a hard drive containing patient records from Misercordia Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta show how easy it is to lose hard drives containing confidential data in public places.

Despite procedures to ensure confidential information is not released, data can still be lost when staff are careless and don’t follow protocol.

Andy Cordial, the MD of Origin Storage had this to say:

“So what is the solution? Clearly security policies surrounding the security of patient data were in place at this hospital, but they just weren’t followed, so the answer has be to introduce multiple layers of security, which staff simply cannot circumvent, even if they want to,” he said.

“Our own DataLocker range of PIN-protected portable hard drives is a good example of a multi-layered security system. Users can still have the benefit of AES encryption on the drive for security, but as an added measure, users must also know the passphrase of the security unit, without which they cannot access the data,”

You can read more over at securitypark.co.uk