Fact: Insiders Are Often the Culprits in Network Security Breaches

Over the past few years, there have been a number of security breaches in financial services enterprises. And because of these, financial companies now face larger scrutiny in terms of the security of their respective networks. As they work to beef up their defenses and rebuild the fragmented trust of their customers, they’re now under everyone’s microscope.

These organizations now find themselves at a critical period. While they have been continually improving network security, these proved to be insufficient in some cases. Here’s a fact: according to the second annual SANS survey, most breaches are initiated by those with insider access. This is of course a major cause for concern, as many organizations still seem inadequately prepared for such incidents. In this day and age of increasing security attacks, simply being prepared for the usual stuff doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. Being over-prepared never hurts; and it also seems to be the way to go now.

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